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naxx lag free?
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Naxxramas Optimization Changes
Quote from: Crygil (Source)

In our continuing effort to improve the gameplay experience for our players, we’ve recently made optimizations, specifically to Naxxramas performance, based on feedback from players. With these changes, we are carefully monitoring server performance to gauge the change’s success. In addition to that, we would very much like to hear our players' personal experience in Naxxramas this week. We are asking players to post your feedback in terms of what if any changes in performance you’ve noticed in Naxxramas. Please make sure to include the realm you play on and the time frame you were participating in Naxxramas.

Source: http://www.worldofraids.com/wow-blue-track...-changes.html#0
Looks like they made those changes on Friday 30th, according to Wyrxian on EU at least. Definately felt a lot better to play on Sunday .
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