That's right! We're almost a week late with this update, but you can blame the guy who won the mount for that entirely, because he's a prick. Yes, that's a perfectly fitting excuse for our slacking.

Well then, after a really casual christmas holiday we finally got 25 people (mains and no pugs!) together to try Sartharion+3 Drakes again, and with some better co÷rdination it went down the same night! Only The Immortal and You Don't Have An Eternity remain now!

Here's a screenshot of the lucky bastard who won the mount:

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We are opening recruitment for 2 Physical DPS (Either a Rogue, Ret. Paladin, Death Knight or Feral Druid). Your application is significantly strengthened if you have gear AND experience in a tanking role aswell. So if you think you got what it takes, don't hesitate to stop by our forums and leave an application.