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Insane indeed!

c/p in browser

He's a skinny little Singaporean dude. His played time is over 671 days. He's been playing pretty much constantly since release, on the same character. And yeah, he got scarab lord legitimately when it came out. He said this is one of the few titles he would actually use over scarab lord.

What I was actually staggered to discover was when people were posting photos of their bedrooms, he doesn't have a computer chair. His computer desk is on wheels and he sits on his bed to play. Dude's back must be so amazingly fucked up.

The server firsts got swooped by death and taxes after they transferred to blackrock not long before wrath, and poopsocked their way to 80. The guild's not an uber guild, and we've always been dicked out of immortal by a disconnect or some other stupid rng.

His social skills are questionable but he's done a great job of keeping the guild together since pretty much day 1.

He also spends a lot of time writing mods, and maintains quite a few (eg omen). A lot of his played time is in ironforge while he codes / tabs in to enchant for people / runs his !item mod.


I think he's a pretty cool guy, eh dude's back must be so amazingly fucked up and doesn't afraid of anything.
Wonder how close Beelsescrub is in /played.
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